Hamilton Watches

Since the early days of aviation, timing – and watches – have been key to progress. Without precision, the finer points of flying would not be possible. An element of risk taking, pushing boundaries and daring to be different typical of Hamilton is also essential to success. This is the story of how Hamilton became synonymous with the world of aviation.

Hamilton is a trusted partner and Official Timekeeper of the high-octane Red Bull Air Race World Championship; an event that focuses on speed and precision and requires split-second timing from a company that understands the world of aviation. With death-defying maneuvers performed at breakneck speed, it attracts the very best pilots in the world, all of whom dream of being crowned king of the course.


Rugged, robust and ready for anything, the Hamilton Khaki Field Auto Chrono in full black is worn by Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan in the brand new Amazon Prime streaming series.


With the Jazzmaster Thinline Automatic, you can create a Hamilton timepiece tailored to suit your style.